Tronxy X5S – 2E DIY 3D Printer 330 x 330 x 400mm Review

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If you are a tinkerer and want a base for your own modifications, go ahead and get this printer. If you want a hassle-free printer to just print, there may be better choices. The kit was complete, and the instructions are useable, assembly took two evenings. Printing quality out of the box was very nice.
Tronxy X5S High-precision Metal Frame 3D Printer Kit
We received an updated version of the X5S in February 2018, where some of the well-known shortcomings have been fixed, particularily the heated bed is now a 12V version,the belt routing is much better, and some of the acrylic parts have been exchanged for metal.

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Main Features
● Dual feeding and one extrusion for mixing color printing
● Z lead screws with full thread and compact texture for smooth sliding and stable transmission
● SD card and USB offline printing for high efficiency
● Aluminum profile for strong durability
● LCD screen with knob button for easy operation and clear instruction
● Drag chain design for smooth and safe operation
● High-quality spring and nuts for easy adjustment

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