Tevo Tarantula review, Tevo Tarantula Features

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The most recent version of the TEVO Tarantula offers a build volume of 200x200x200 mm, which is pretty much standard for most Prusa i3 clones in the market today. The printer is also available in a slightly larger variant, where the Z-axis accords a build space of 280 mm.

The standard variant is a single extrusion device minus the auto bed-leveling feature. The printing process is handled by TEVO’s stock hot end, which comes fully assembled even in the standard variant of this printer.

tevo tarantula design review

The provision of the heated bed adds to the filament versatility of this machine, making it compatible with a host of filament types such as PLA, Flexible PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, and wood.

With the addition of a full metal E3D Bowden extruder, known as the Pro extruder, the TEVO Tarantula can also be used to print with Nylon filament. The Tevo Tarantula nozzle size is also capable of producing really fine layer heights of 0.05 mm or 50 microns, which is a big draw for a 3D printer under $500 price range.

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