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4 Best Sellers of 3D Printers from China, August, 2018

Too many 3D printer models available on the market today and that number growing every day,“Which 3D Printer should I buy?” is one of the most common questions we are asked. Here we talk about the best of best based on both price, quality and user experience.

Creality3D Ender – 3 DIY 3D Printer Kit

Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer

Creality3D CR – 10S 3D Printer

Anet A8 Desktop 3D Printer

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Zortrax M300 review, Best Large Format 3D Printer

  • Build Volume (mm)300 x 300 x 300
  • MaterialsZ-PLA Pro, Z-ASA Pro, Z-ESD, Z-HIPS, Z-GLASS, Z-PETG
  • Min Layer Height (microns)90
  • ConnectivitySD Card
  • TechnologyFDM
  • Filament Diameter1.75mm
  • Open SourceNo
  • Compatible with 3rd Party MaterialYes, but voids warranty.
  • Heated PlatformYes
  • Printing Speed200mm/sec

Who it’s for: Folks who have grand ambitions and want to print big. Like, REALLY BIG.

Why you should buy it: Because the Zortrax M300 combines user-friendliness with large capacity 3D printing.

How much you’ll pay: $3,000

Why we picked the Zortrax M300 as Best Large Format 3D Printer: 

There’s no getting around it, the Zortrax M300 is gigantic. It’s massive. It’s humongous. A small child could probably sit inside its frame. But don’t be intimated by the size. Because this machine is actually a B.F.P. (Big Friendly Printer). read more

Original Prusa i3 MK3 Kit review, Best 3D Printer Under $1000

Original Prusa i3 MK3 is a proven open source design with a huge international user base. This unit was engineered by Josef Průša himself, and whether you buy it in kit form or ready assembled, it’s a fantastic printer.

  • Build Volume (mm)250 x 210 x 200
  • MaterialsABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, PETG, Nylon, Exotics
  • Min Layer Height (microns)50
  • ConnectivityUSB, SD card
  • TechnologyFDM
  • Filament Diameter1.75mm
  • Open SourceHardware & Software
  • Compatible with 3rd Party MaterialYes
  • Heated PlatformYes

In Winter 2017, its predecessor Prusa i3 MK2S already won our “Best 3D Printer Kit” and “Best 3D Printer under $1000” awards. It‘s still a great, reliable and versatile 3D printer. But the development team added several features to the MK3 we don‘t want to miss anymore. Like the removable magnetic metal print bed that lets you pluck your prints off the bed with ease; a rebuilt extruder, filament sensor, improved frame stability, and a power failure recovery system. read more

LulzBot TAZ 6 review, Best 3D Printer Workhorse

  • Build Volume (mm)280 x 280 x 250
  • MaterialsABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Nylon, Exotics
  • Min Layer Height (microns)50
  • ConnectivityUSB, SD Card
  • TechnologyFDM
  • Filament Diameter3.00 mm
  • Open SourceHardware & Software
  • Compatible with 3rd Party MaterialYes
  • Heated PlatformYes
  • Printing Speed200 mm/s

The Lulzbot TAZ 6 is made for labs, workshops and maker spaces. This big, bold machine has a brilliant auto-leveling feature which, together with solid print quality and straightforward setup, makes it the single workhorse 3D printer you’ll ever want to use. There’s no calibration or guesswork, it all simply functions as it should.

The TAZ 6 is also open source and carefully documented, with scope for additional upgrades like the Flexystruder (optimized for printing flexible materials), dual extrusion, and the MOARstruder (for printing large objects with fat layers). If you are looking for a workhorse 3D printer you can trust, look no further. read more

Monoprice Delta Pro review, Outlook for Affordable Delta 3D Printing

Why is it important: Delta 3D printers use three arms on rails that move up and down independently to move the print head. They are known to be very efficient, and, they can print taller with ease. Their main benefit is speed, as their light print head move around quicker than other 3D printers.

Why you should buy it: Monoprice achieves the remarkable feat of finding inexpensive yet quality 3D printers, and making them palatable to a wider audience – and the large Delta Pro won’t be an exception. read more

Sparkmaker review, Outlook for Affordable SLA/DLP 3D Printing

Why is it important: Because this 3D printer could make SLA printing extremely affordable and popular.

Why you should buy it: SLA machines are the right choice if you want detailed prints.

How much you’ll pay: $249

Why we picked the Sparkmaker: 

The Sparkmaker is a good example that SLA 3D printers don’t have to be expensive. Sure, the Sparkmaker has a tiny build plate. Also, the choice of resins is somewhat limited. But an SLA machine for under $300 could be a game changer in the SLA sector. read more

Formlabs Fuse 1 review, Outlook for Desktop SLS 3D Printing

We’re pretty excited about the new Fuse 1 from Formlabs. Bringing the same level of finesse and sophistication to selective laser sintering they’re already achieved with stereolithography, this is a company with an impressive vision for 3D printing in the 21st century.

The Fuse 1 can fabricate objects in strong and flexible nylon. It also features a removable chamber, allowing for continuous printing. Another feature of this benchtop SLS printer is a live video feed, meaning you can monitor the entire printing process. read more

MakerBot Replicator+ review, Best 3D Printer for Schools

The best 3D printer for schools is the MakerBot Replicator+. That’s because no other 3D printing manufacturer has invested so heavily in building a dedicated ecosystem for the education space.

Taking the printer in isolation, we have a device with safety features optimized for the classroom. There’s a removable flexible bed that isn’t heated; an extruder where the hot-end is out of reach of curious fingers; and a semi-enclosed build-space that protects the build area from foreign objects.

Moreover, there’s a cloud-based slicing option, where a model can be selected on Thingiverse and sent directly to the Replicator via a dedicated smartphone app. Everything can be monitored on your smartphone. read more

Sinterit Lisa review, Best Desktop SLS 3D Printer

The SLS technology offers several benefits over FFF/FDM printing: Machines like these deliver stunning results, let you use a variety of standard industrial materials, don’t need any support structures, print multiple parts at once, and give you total freedom of form while designing. Therefore, SLS printers are the natural choice for Additive Manufacturing professionals.

  • Build Volume (mm)90 x 110 x 130 mm
  • MaterialsPolyamide (Nylon), PA12, Flexible
  • Min Layer Height (microns)75
  • ConnectivityUSB, Wifi
  • TechnologySLS
  • Filament Diameter
  • Open SourceNo
  • Compatible with 3rd Party MaterialNo
  • Heated Platform
  • Printing Speed

The Sinterit Lisa also delivers industrial-grade performance for a great price. The compact Polish powerhouse is capable of 3D printing functional prototypes and end-use parts. Be aware that despite the low cost and intuitive interface, the Sinterit Lisa still requires more work and production-savvy skills than your average FDM printer. read more