Best Commercial 3D Design Software 2018 for Professionals

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3D Studio Max
An extensive suite of 3D design tools, with a unique and intuitive interface.

An advanced design and documentation tool. Ideal for architects and design engineers.

Cinema 4D
A well known design Suite in the VFX community, it has great tools for 3D modeling for printing as well.

Lightwave 3D
A classic 3D graphic software, which includes powerful rendering, animation and modeling tools.

Autodesk Maya
A massive, complete suite of tools for professional all aspects of 3D design including modeling, rigging, dynamics and animation.

Photoshop CC
The Industry standard software for 2D content editing and creation applied to 3D design. Offers integration directly with Shapeways.

Very popular curve based modelling software.

A popular, advanced 3D sculpting tool with a powerful voxel-based system.

An advanced modeling tool that is great for mechanical, precise product design.

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