Anet A8 review, Most Popular 3D Printer

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Who it’s for: 3D printing enthusiasts, tinkerers, and hobbyists that already have some 3D printing knowledge.

Why you should buy it: Because you can hack the heck out of it. Think of the Anet A8 as the starting point of your 3D printing modding adventures.

How much you’ll pay: The market price is around $200.

  • Build Volume (mm)220 x 220 x 240
  • MaterialsABS, PLA, Exotic
  • Min Layer Height (microns)100
  • ConnectivitySD card
  • TechnologyFDM
  • Filament Diameter1.75 mm
  • Open SourceHardware & Software
  • Compatible with 3rd Party MaterialYes
  • Heated PlatformYes
  • Printing Speed

In search of the most popular 3D printers, we consulted an assortment of web search tracking tools to collate an accurate reflection of what people look for most.

Since its release in February 2016, the Anet A8 steadily climbed to the top of the 3D printer search results. In February 2018 alone, more than 74.000 people worldwide googled the term “Anet A8”.

What makes the Anet A8 so popular? We think it’s the low price, its hackability and compatibility with a plethora of materials has budget makers swooning over this 3D printer. Also, a great, lively and helpful community has developed on Facebook, because overall the Anet A8 is more than a printer – it’s a hobby.

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