Anet A8 3D printer review, synonymous with exorbitant, cutting-edge technology

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Not so long ago, 3D printing was synonymous with exorbitant, cutting-edge technology that was accessible to only big corporations, multinational giants, government agencies, and the uber rich. The common man with a passion for creating had to make do with Legos. Breaking the mold are machines like the Anet A8 that have not only redefined ‘budget 3D printers’ but also combined great efficiency with affordability.

Anet A8 review

Of course, the first choice for anyone looking to foray into 3D printing would be a plug and play kind of pre-assembled 3D printer. While these pack in a great deal of convenience and are ready to get you started on your 3D printing escapades straight out of the box, these are also on the steeper side of the price divide. For the more experimental kind, DIY Kits like the Anet A8 present the perfect alternative. After all, you’ve got to have it in you to tinker around with hardware if you are invested in 3D printing enough to bring home a personal printer.

A leading name in this segment is the Anet A8. This DIY 3D printer kit is modifiable, versatile, and fun to build with. Created as a DIY Prusa clone, this modestly priced printer enjoys a huge fan following in the ever-growing online community of 3D printing enthusiasts.

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